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          Persulfates Applications

          Application Description
          PCB & IC Treatment of metal surfaces(e.g. in the manufacture of semiconductors;cleaning and etching PCB),activation of copper and aluminium surfaces.
          POLYMERIZATION As a polymerization initiator for ABS resin,SB rubbers,acrylic fibers,hair cosmetics,etc.
          OIL Oxidant for changing unsaturated carbon-hydrogens into saturated ones.
          FIBRE Oxidant and bleaching activator-particularly for cold bleaching.
          CHEMICAL ANLYSIS Oxidant for turning Fe2+& Mn2 into Fe3+& Mn4+
          CURING OF CHIPBOARD Accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives.
          TEXTILE & PAPER As a desizing agent for removing such synthetic sizes as PVA.
          WATER TREATMENT Oxidative degradatin of noxious substances(halogenated hydrocarbons cyanides,sulphur compounds etc.);decontamination and deodorization (e.g.cooling,washing closed circuit process water);decontamination without chlorine for swimming poor water.
          WASTE GAS TREATMENT Gas scrubber with oxidative degradation of harmful substances(e.g. elimination of Hg in sewage sludge incineration).Oxidative elimination of foul smelling/toxic gas compounds(e.g.CS2,H2S)from process air